A new TV Spot, called ‘A New Hero‘, of Alita: Battle Angel was shown on American television! In it, we can see a new scene of Jennifer as Chiren! Remembering that the movie will debut in theaters on February 14!

Due to the poor video quality, I will not add screen captures to the gallery! If they advertise with a better quality, I’ll post it right away!

Empire UK has made a very good session in this month’s issue about Alita: Battle Angel, which will debut in the UK on February 6 of this year! In it, we can check the comments of director Robert Rodriguez, producer James Cameron, protagonist Rosa Salazar and, of course, Jennifer! Check out the exclusive scans in our gallery and Jennifer’s commentary about the film:

“I love this movie for my sevenyear-old daughter,” says Jennifer Connelly, who plays Motorball impresario and Ido’s ex-wife Chiren. “I like that [Alita] is so powerful and flawed, and has to wrestle with her wildness and the parts of her she feels don’t fit. I love her being the central character of the story.”

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