If you’re onboard for a show which mixes near-future thrills with 2019 socio-political issues, then TBS’s Snowpiercer (premiering spring 2020) should be just the ticket. Set more than seven years after an attempt to reverse global warming has frozen the world, and based on the same graphic novels as the 2014 movie starring Chris Evans, Snowpiercer takes place on a globe-circumnavigating train where the class divides are rigorously, and sometimes violently, enforced. “We’re not a political show,” says director James Hawes (Doctor Who, Black Mirror). “It is adventure storytelling. But it obviously touches on a lot of themes from the news.

In this series from Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson, Jennifer Connelly plays Melanie Cavill, the head of hospitality who is also, “the voice of the train, she does the announcements to all of the passengers,” says the actress. Hamilton Tony-winner Daveed Diggs costars as Andre Layton, an ex-detective who is recruited by the train’s ruling authorities to track down a killer. “Layton is a resident of the tail, which is the lowest class all the way at the back of the train,” he says. “But he becomes useful for people uptrain.

Diggs reveals that one of his biggest challenges is not getting lost in the show’s Vancouver studio, given every set is a train compartment. “You choose a door and hope it’s the right one,” he says, laughing. “I’m starting to figure it out. I made some intentional choices today and ended up where I wanted to go, so that’s a good sign.

See exclusive images from Snowpiercer, below.


Official Trailer for Top Gun: Maverick

The first official trailer for Top Gun: Maverick was recently released by Paramount Pictures! In it, we can see two fast scenes of the personage of Jennifer, that remains without its name divulged! Check it below and then the screen captures:

A new poster of Jennifer as Chiren in ‘Alita: Battle Angel‘ was released recently! Remembering that the movie will debut in theaters on February 14! Check out in the gallery:

Luxury goods companies have staged Pre-Fall shows this season with the sort of enthusiasm and expenditures until now reserved only for Resort. Chanel installed itself at the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli took his pre-collection all the way to Tokyo, and Coach descended on Shanghai. Of course, the social media impressions were ginormous.

Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière, whose Resort show was held at the South of France’s Fondation Maeght last May, hasn’t put on a Pre-Fall show per se, but what he’s pulled off is just as major: a lookbook shoot lensed by his frequent collaborator, Collier Schorr, starring the likes of Alicia Vikander, Jennifer Connelly, Ruth Negga, and Laura Harrier. Fashion and Hollywood have long had a reciprocal relationship, but this shoot—conducted in New York over two days shortly before Christmas in what Ghesquière described as a tour de force of logistics—makes the synergies explicit. The cast includes 17 performers of one kind or another, most of whom are regulars in his front row. Oscar winners and nominees were photographed along with newcomers like Kelsey Asbille, Indya Moore, and Urassaya Sperbund.

On a phone call from Paris, Ghesquière explained the impetus behind the all-star casting this way: “The more I work, the more it’s about their response for me. It’s inspiring to see the second life of the clothes. For an ‘in-between’ collection, for which we don’t do a runway show, I thought it would be great to have their point of view.” The designer and his longtime stylist, Marie-Amélie Sauvé, worked to put together looks that the women “felt were right for them.” Léa Seydoux wears a siren-y floral-print sheath with a plunging V-neckline; Kelela layers a plaid blanket jacket over a floral dress over contrasting floral pants; Doona Bae models an oversize checked sweater and animal-print skirt. The majority of the women carry handbags, what Ghesquière called “inversions” of styles previously seen on the runway.

Without a formal show, Pre-Fall is Ghesquière’s opportunity to dig into items that performed well in the recent past and ideas that bear further exploration. The wedge-heeled boots, for example, are an elaboration of the best-selling Archlight sneaker he showed for Spring 2018 and very nearly as weightless. Zhong Chuxi wears a great-looking navy peacoat with the raglan shoulders and rounded sleeves of Ghesquière’s Spring 2019 outing. But it would be a mistake to say that this is a collection of basics, certainly not the way the items are put together, with clashing prints and offhand pairings, most often homey plaids and slick animal graphics.

The juxtaposition of the rustic with the very urban is something new for Ghesquière, who has always had a sci-fi, futuristic bent. He even mentioned the Amish as a reference point. Though Vikander’s and Chloë Grace Moretz’s calico and lace dresses are far from humble, something of the frontier woman comes through in their belted silhouettes. “This vision of American culture, the pioneer—I love that this is exotic for us. It’s not reflected in French culture,” said the designer. There’s a timely synergy of a different kind to that. In May, Ghesquière is bringing his Louis Vuitton Cruise collection to New York. It’ll be the first time he’s put on a show stateside since 2002, a fashion eon ago, when he was the newcomer at Balenciaga.


Jennifer’s first still as Chiren in the movie ‘Alita: Battle Angel‘ was released recently! In addition, the film’s world premiere was confirmed by Premiere Scene! It will take place on January 31 at Odeon Leicester Square, Luxe Cinema, London, UK. Jennifer’s presence was confirmed! Stay tuned to our Twitter (@JenConnellyFan) for more information and full coverage during the event!

New photo of Jennifer on the set of Snowpiercer

The shooting of the Snowpiercer series has been happening in Vancouver, Canada for some months, however, no photo or more detailed information regarding Jennifer on the set was released. Today, to our delight, Grant O’Kane, who participated in the series, released a new photo of him and Jennifer on the set recently! We don’t know if Jennifer is in her usual clothes or in her character’s clothes, but it’s a first step to get to know this project better!

A exciting moment. Got to work on the amazingly talented Jennifer Connelly’s show, Snowpiercer. Have always been a HUGE fan of her’s. Don’t get star struck to often, working in this industry, but this was special. A wonderfully kind lady.

New Chinese posters of ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ were recently released, including an individual poster of Jennifer’s character, Chiren! The film opens in Hong Kong on February 21 of this year! Check them out at the gallery:

New Hindi trailer for ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

The Hindi trailer for ‘Alita: Battle Angel‘ was released recently! In it, we can see a new scene of the role of Jennifer in the movie, Chiren. It will be releasing in India a week in advance on February 8, 2019. Check out the screen captures and the video below:

Empire UK has made a very good session in this month’s issue about Alita: Battle Angel, which will debut in the UK on February 6 of this year! In it, we can check the comments of director Robert Rodriguez, producer James Cameron, protagonist Rosa Salazar and, of course, Jennifer! Check out the exclusive scans in our gallery and Jennifer’s commentary about the film:

“I love this movie for my sevenyear-old daughter,” says Jennifer Connelly, who plays Motorball impresario and Ido’s ex-wife Chiren. “I like that [Alita] is so powerful and flawed, and has to wrestle with her wildness and the parts of her she feels don’t fit. I love her being the central character of the story.”